Startups today face all sorts of challenges that relate to market, audience, hiring, product, capital, and customer service. There’s no shortage of setbacks you could run into.
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With all these potential roadblocks in your way, how do you build resilience? And what does that really mean?
Building resilience means rethinking what appears to be a negative event—a failed business, a lackluster product launch, an app that no one downloads—and realizing that it’s actually a seed for future growth and success.
The resilient entrepreneur looks past short-term setbacks and focuses on long-term mission. The rigid, unadaptable entrepreneur gets caught up in temporary problems; they can’t see the forest for the trees, so it’s easier to quit or get distracted, to work on something else rather than to face the blunt facts of their situation.
The difference between success and failure often comes down to who’s willing to stick it out in the smartest way, and that’s not necessarily related to talent, skill or education.
That’s resilience.
The truth is that those with resilience often have an easier time facing challenges, simply because they’ll be less likely to give up as quickly. They’ll be steadfast. Resolute. Facing obstacles head on can translate to finding solutions more quickly, because you’re not avoiding or ignoring the unpleasant facts before you.
“I have found it helpful to think of my life as if it were a game in which each problem I face is a puzzle I need to solve,” writes Ray Dalio in his book Principles. “By solving the puzzle, I get a gem in the form of a principle that helps me avoid the same sort of problem in the future.”
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Seeing your setbacks as vehicles of growth makes you better equipped to deal with them, and forces you to actually seek out challenges, because you know that they’ll ultimately propel you forward. Here’s how to shift to a resilient mindset.

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