32 Steps Woocommerce

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  1. Start configuring your woocommerce store
  2. Select country where this shop will be based
  3. Choose countries to sell to
  4. Choose how the customer address will be populated
  5. Enable store notice
  6. Choose the shop currency
  7. Set currency display details
  8. Set product display measurements
  9. Choose wether you want reviews and ratings
  10. Create a page for you shop
  11. Setup shop display settings
  12. Set the appropriate product image settings
  13. Set inventory settings
  14. Set Downloadable Product settings
  15. Setup the Tax Configuration
  16. Setup Shipping
  17. Create Necessary shipping zones
  18. Set a shipping method for each Shipping zone create
  19. Configure complex shipping methods
  20. Congigure checkout process options
  21. Configure HTTPS checkout
  22. Create Cart Page
  23. Create a Checkout Page/Customize
  24. Create terms & conditions page
  25. Allowed payment methods/gateways setup
  26. Setup registered users options
  27. Customize email templates for different status
  28. Customize Product Categories
  29. Add necessary product attributes
  30. Add Product Inventory
  31. Set featured Products
  32. Organise shop menu with subpages as necessary

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